New York Explorations: Part II

As promised here is the endcap of my New York adventure. While the glory of the Met is nothing to be trivialized, I will try to keep it short.

First of all, in comparison to any other museum that I have ever visited, the Met is by far the most spectacular, in size and content. I spent at least five hours there, and I know I missed quite a bit. Attending felt like an trip around the entire world. Even though I wasn't able to get to see the Wintour Costume Institute (which was practically 75% of the reason I went), I was lucky enough that there was a docent led tour focusing on Fashion in Art which was nonetheless interesting.

Naturally I found myself drawn to the Middle Eastern, and Ancient Indian gallery spaces (yes, Middle Eastern art is my favorite). There I was able to see the recreation of the ancient Assyrian court featuring cuneiform sculpture wall coverings, and the sculptures of the lamassi! Being able to see these in person was simply surreal. I have been enamored with these sculptural creatures ever since I happen upon them in my university art survey class. In addition to these, the Met features some amazing architectural recreations, and entire Medieval armory which would be a dream to any weapons fanatics out there.

As an aside, from a culturally analytical perspective, it was was very curious to note the activity of other patrons. Essentially, and it has been a record of mine to note from other museums I have visited, the African, Middle Eastern, and smaller Asian cultures' gallery spaces, in comparison to the Renaissance, and Classical galleries, were under attended. While art is subjective, and everyone is entitled to see what they'd like to see, this constant trend leads me to correlate such an occurrence with a larger stigma that glorifies Western culture to the detriment of all else. Regardless, the treasures at the Met are truly wondrous, and should all be experienced if given the chance! Let me know what your favorite art style, or locale is, I'd love to hear!

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