Dressing the Part: Lesbian Style in the Workplace


Corporate dress codes tend to adhere to a binary understanding of gender, and expression. Research was conducted in order to examine the factors that would contribute to corporate dress code policy could be more inclusive of the dress behavior of LGBT women, in addition to examining the potential modifications to styles, and product offerings that apparel brands could instate in order to better target lesbian women as a market segment. Self-identifying, employed, LGBT women (n=76) working in a variety of industries participated in interviews, and an online survey focused on their personal gender expression, and how their sexual orientation translated into how they desired to dress in a professional setting. We hypothesized that LGBT women would prefer the option of dressing in a more masculine way while at work. While supported, the majority of the participants would prefer that menswear brands would target them as a market, as opposed to ladieswear firms.

Keywords: lesbian, dress behavior, gender, dress code, work-environment, LGBT


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#womenswear #LGBT #research #fashionculture #dresspsychology #psychology #designresearch #dressandsociety

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