Behind the Scenes: Bonnie & Clyde

The past few weeks have been incredibly insane! But all for good reason. With my deadline for FIT fast approaching, I can thankfully say everything seems to be coming into place. Last week I had the pleasure of working with Angela Webb Photography, April Basi, and Jesse Harris on an breathtaking high-fashion photoshoot for the much anticipated Bonnie & Clyde ensembles that I have been hyping for the last couple of weeks. While the magic of post production is in the works, I figured that I would assuage the suspense a little by positing a few snippets of the BTS action. Karen+Alistair photoshoots are always a ton of fun collabing with the best people (how do I get so lucky!). Anyway, check it out below!

#behindthescenes #menswear #womenswear #photoshoot #fashion #design

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