The Pin Show Review

Where do I even begin? The Pin Show is THE fashion event in DFW featuring great music, and creative fashion collections from the area's established, and up-and-coming designers. (Not to mention being hosted at a venue that makes the perfect Tom Collins).

This year featured 31 designers, and a range of markets (from swim to evening), and aesthetics, and while I didn't personally showcase this year, I had a front-row seat on all the action. While there were definitely a few construction faux paxs, ill-advised chiffon, and a few collections that were demure to say the most, there were several designers that had major home runs. Before I cite my top 3, favorite collections from The Pin Show 2017, let's just take a moment to revel in this sleeve detail by Faith Diva which is everything, and the utter fierceness that is model Brittany Strange (wearing Veruschka), who gave life to everything she wore.

Without further ado, here are my top 3 collections from the Pin Show:

NUMBER 3: VERUSCHKA by Amy Marshall

Veruschka scores third on my fav list. This womenswear collection featured a superb use of tonal color harmonies, and created a semi-tailored collection that gave a contemporary steampunk vibe. What I appreciated most about this collection was the excellent perception of space, volume, and chromatic balance, which is oftentimes hard to master across a small collection, but this designer nailed it. My all time favorite piece from this collection was this cropped brocade blazer paired with a mini-dress. I admired the masterful piecing, use of brocade, and how she channeled a inspiration that can so easily go costumey in a refined, yet modern, and transformative way. I will definitely be following this designer!

NUMBER 2: RADKEEM SIMS by Radkeem Sims

Very few opinion points separates this collection from the Number 1 spot, and it is definitely hard to put it a number two. "Amazing" is just about the only word to describe this hyper-contemporary menswear collection. As a menswear designer myself, I was astounded by the garment techniques, and detail from head to toe. Sims' collection featured edgy finishes, and fabric details, structured fabrics, juxtaposed with an oxblood fur.It gave me futurism-post-apocalyptic-Hollywood-boudoir wrapped into a nice little manly bundle. There was depth to the collection throughout, and each piece was strong enough to stand alone, but accented its sister ensembles. Because the collection leaned towards the avant-garde, such artistry separated it from the rest of the pack; while this collection might not be found in your local department store, it definitely could belong on a Milan runway. I could see the vision, concept, and process of this collection as it walked down that runway!

NUMBER 1: JIANI CHEN by Jiani Chen

Claiming the top collection spot from the Pin Show 2017 was Jiani Chen. As I said before it was really hard choosing between first, and second, but I think sheer versatility was the component to Chen's collection that made it shine. It featured a black, and white color palette, with a street-art infused, minimalist aesthetic. The sixteen piece womenswear collection was sporty, classic, and overall just very fun to look at. It was marketable, it was couture, it was young, it was everything that a small collection needed to be--not to mention that the construction was impeccable. I con visulize this being worn by everyday women, and the A-listers alike. Check out these shots from the runway, and see for yourself why I am absolutely crazy about this collection by Jiani Chen.

Those are my picks, if you attended the show, or have been on the dallas fashion tags in social media,I'd love to hear your top picks from Pin Show 2017. And as always, stay relevant! These designers sure are!

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