Fashion February: What I'll be Working on this Month

Welcome back everyone! With a new year comes a slew of new projects, and this evening I will be sharing with you all what I have coming up for the month of February. This month I will be undertaking a variety of new projects in preparation to submit my MFA application for FIT! So without giving too much away, my area of research is of course custom design, and storytelling through fashion (I will go further into detail in another post!), and with that in mind I came up with the idea to do a character fashion shoot, a performance art piece, and an illustration catalog (for designs I might make a few of if there's time). With regards to my proposed research, there are three areas that I wanted to touch on: the persona, the overt message, and the covert message.

For the Character portion, I have designed, and will be executing two contemporary suiting looks inspired by the most infamous duo in American history. Yep, you guessed it, Bonnie & Clyde. These two are simply iconic characters that everyone is very familiar with, so in choosing them as muse, it allowed me to really focus on how I would use the garments that I create to personify these personas solely through visual elements, while maintaining enough design license, and modernity that it reads as high-fashion RTW rather than costume.

Part two, the overt message, I am planning on utilizing the artform of dance performance coupled with true costume design. Here I am planning to incorporate dress as a conduit to embolden commentary. Rather than communicating information about the wearer, I want to pair fashion with the body, and its movements, to create, and emote a secondary narrative. Quite frankly I am most excited for this project, mainly because I love to collaborate, and have been interested in designing for different vehicles of media rather than print, and runway for a long time. All I will say is that the theme will be political.

Lastly, is my illustration catalog. In this portion of my projects I will be exploring fashion as it can clandestinely present the intimate, or the secret. Here I am going to be looking at concepts of emotion, and cognition. In this portion, I really want to explore how fashion can disrupt the commonplace practice of inventing a facade of what we WANT people to see, and work to reveal a more authentic self.

So in a nutshell, that is what I have planned for this month. It is a crazy amount of work, but I am very excited, and prepared to tackle it. I really hope you all are as psyched as I am! As the projects develop more, I will be posting my process throughout. Keep an eye out for updates, and remember, stay relevant :).

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