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Hello everyone, and thanks for checking out my first post! Today I will be doing a quick review about one of my newly favorited fashion design must-haves: the iPad Pro, with the Apple Pencil. It's been about a week since I traded in my old iPad Air 2 for the Pro, and I am absolutely loving the new features, namely its compatibility with the Apple Pencil, and the Adobe Photoshop Sketch app. Whereas before I opted to do my drawing and fashion illustration the old-fashioned way, I always was interested in crossing over into the digital realm. Illustrating in Photoshop or Illustrator on a desktop or laptop was possible, but it didn't feel natural, and often times was simply frustrating having to use the mouse to try to imitate natural drawing. From there I tried out a Wacom tablet/pen device, which definitely bridged some gaps, but for me the functionality of having to carry the tablet with me, and the fact that the particular Wacom I bought didn't allow me to directly see where I was drawing.

Unlike the previous, the iPad Pro has certifiably solved almost all of my previous digital illustration woes. The Apple Pencil is designed for the user to draw directly on the screen of the Pro. It is pressure sensitive, and even mimics common drawing motions like shading (except you won't have to sharpen it!). It fits naturally in the hand, and is literally foolproof to set up.

While you can use a variety of apps to capitalize on this new capability, I have

found that Adobe Sketch is perfect for my needs. There are a few brush options to give different effects, but my favorites so far are the marker brush, and the watercolor (both used in all my images). The marker brush is like a digital Copic, it produces similar effects, yet without the fear of ruining the nib, or having to spend $6 every time you need a new color. Even better than the marker brush is the watercolor feature. It blends beautifully, and simulates real watercolors quite well. Of course, it won't give you top-notch watercolor quality, but the speed-dry tool makes up for that in my opinion. If you thought it couldn't get any does. The Adobe mobile apps allow you to sync files using Creative Cloud so you can have everything updated, and accessible on all of your devices. The only thing next is to release a more comprehensive app that more closely parallels desktop versions of Adobe Suite programs.

If you are a working designer or just design for fun, I would highly recommend the Pro. The capabilities with the Pencil are excellent, the new screen adjusts to ambient light (finally!), so working indoors or outside is made easy, and you'll

never have to lug around your marker collection, and 100 pack of colored pencils

again. To top it all off, the iPad Pro with the Apple Pencil is rather budget friendly. You can land a 32gb iPad Pro for under $400 if you catch the right promos, and the Pencil will only set you back $100, but it is well worth it! I'm thrilled, but what are your thoughts? If you've tried it out let me know how you like it!

Keep in mind I will be positing content every Tuesday, so stay tuned, and STAY RELEVANT!

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